Warhammer 40,000: Armed and Dangerous Red Gobbo Christmas Jumper


  • Don your Da Red Gobbo jumper to remind others your here to free the oppressed gretchen and grab a few pigs in blankets along the way!
  • Make your stance clear on orkish oppression at the office Christmas party, along with the unfair distribution of office biscuits
  • Lead your fellow Grots to festive fun with the reminder of the impending "Big Bad Day" as shown on the reverse of this jumper
  • Even Gobbo's Kustom Blaster has been decorated in candy cane colours for the upcoming holiday season!
  • This jumper has been fully knitted to withstand the coldest of temperatures, you won't find a comfier jumper this side of Ullanor
  • Being made to choose between destroyin' da mekanisms of oppreshun and making sure your fellow Grots have Christmas presents? Why not both?
  • Made from 100% Acrylic

This item is excluded from all promotional offers.

If Santa had an elf who's main aim was to create mischief and instigate a coup amongst the elves in the North Pole, Da Red Gobbo would fit that role perfectly! A ever changing being, many have worn Da Red Gobbo title, but the much revered role is now one for leading the Christmas Revolushun! Dressed in his finest Kossak outfit and ready for his usual rable rousing shenanigans, grab your Kustom Slugga and prepare to cause some Chaos this festive season! It's what the Gretchin Revolutionary Committee would have wanted!