Warhammer 40,000: Imperial Tidings Christmas Jumper

Warhammer 40,000: Imperial Tidings Christmas Jumper


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  • Channel the season of goodwill and extend some of The Emperor's blessings to your fellow Imperial citizen… or not. Totally your call
  • We've had it on good authority that Santa is a Space Marine, how else would he have the endurance to go around the world in one night?!
  • A proudly displayed Imperial Aquila on the chest will help identify your fellow battle brothers, whilst the left sleeve is designed to look like a Ultramarine Power Fist, complete with thumb hole!
  • It can get pretty chilly whilst crusading across the Galaxy. Wrap up warm in one of these and show your allegiance to the holy throne!
  • Your uncle's wearing a Chaos jumper to Christmas dinner? There may be a declaration of heresy over the roast potatoes in your future!
  • Materials: 100% acrylic

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Space Marines… Hear me now! You have officially been relieved of your duties for the festive period! We know you're not the best at relaxing, but everyone deserves a break. So put your feet up and worry about those pesky Heretics another day, there's turkey to be eaten! These Warhammer 40,000 Imperium Christmas Jumpers will help you get into the seasonal spirit, plus, the colours in this jumper will perfectly compliment your Power Armour! It's a win win all round!