Sisters of Battle Codex cover 2019...

Sisters of Battle Codex cover 2019 Mounted Print

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To create high-quality fine art giclée prints we use a 308gsm 100% Cotton archival matte paper that has a lightly textured surface.

To enhance the appearance of an artwork we use a deep set extra thick 3.5mm white conservation mount that is 75mm wide.

The board is made from chemically purified wood pulp that is alkaline buffered, it contains no optical brighteners, is acid-free and HP neutral.

Each product is individually hand numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the issue date, image name and edition number.

The Sisters of Battle are warriors of unwavering faith and ferocious zeal. Rigorously trained and drilled, equipped with potent weaponry, wargear and armoured fighting vehicles, and utterly indoctrinated into the Imperial faith, the Adepta Sororitas fight to defend the Emperor's realm. Artist - Paul Dainton.