Total War: WARHAMMER III - Cathay vs Tzeentch Framed Canvas



Framed Canvas is stretched around a 35mm deep frame and the borders around the canvas are black. We print on a 100% cotton 482gsm archival canvas to produce a giclée print that has an archival rating of 75 years. To protect the print is it sprayed with a fine art satin seal. The outer frame is a black lacquered wood and has a smooth satin finish. The back of the canvas is finished with acid-free artists backing tape. All our frames are all hand-made in-house and sourced from FSC regulated sustainable resources.

Each product is individually hand-numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity that includes the issue date, image name and edition number.

This item is excluded from all promotional offers.

Miao Ying, the Storm Dragon, reigns across Northern Cathay and commands the armies of the Great Bastion. Cold and aloof, she has ruled over the Northern Provinces for centuries and maintains their defences with strength of arms and wondrous war machines. Once more the Great Bastion is called upon the be the shield that protect Cathay from the Ruinous Powers of the north. Beset upon by the great Orcale of Tzeentch, Kairos Fateweaver.